Website Evaluation

Get a free evaluation for your website. We evaluate speed and performance, diagnosing any symptoms or errors your site is experiencing.

An example website evaluation report:

– Nothing displayed on the homepage past the header.
– Menu buttons not working.
I have reviewed your site and completed the following:
1) Back up entire site.
2) Update core WordPress software.
3) Update all plugins.
4) Install diagnostic plugin and track errors to determine what is causing the errors.
My resultant findings are as follows:
– Initially, I can see that the site is running a custom theme that is probably outdated. There are several warning messages that the WooCommerce template files are out of date.
– There is a memory warning that WordPress may not have enough memory, which would be a server setting adjustment.

– The code was erroring out at the homepage slider, which was why there was nothing on the homepage past that section. The reason for the error is that the “LayerSlider WP” plugin has outdated code in it, and will no longer function properly with the server software that your site is running. I am assuming that this slider came bundled with the theme that you purchased. Upon deactivating the plugin, the rest of the site functions normally.

1. Use a different and more recently supported slider plugin. I recommend “Smart Slider 3”, “RevSlider” or “LayerSlider”, or any other modern slider, as long as they are in official WordPress plugin repository. This will require the homepage slider to be re-designed.
2. Install SSL certificate. The site currently is not using an SSL certificate, and will be blocked by many modern internet browsers.
3. Install a comment-spam blocking plugin. There are roughly 200,000 comments in the site which appear to be spam. I recommend “Akisment” or any other officially supported spam-blocking plugin.
Thank you! Hopefully that is helpful.