Another Website Saved! – Chocolatl

Deanna, from Chocolatl called me today, stressed out because her website was down. She was getting “Memory Limit Exhausted” errors when trying to access the site, and it was preventing a very important investor from looking at her products. The knee-jerk reaction to this error is of course, “Please give our site more memory”, but memory limits are there for a reason, and not typically advisable to tamper with.

After a couple minutes of investigation, I noticed that there were quite a few extra plugins installed after I had worked on the site, and I surmised that one of them was probably the memory-sucking culprit.

Since the WordPress dashboard was unavailable, I worked my magic via code and after a few minutes, had pared the active plugins list down to about 3… and viola! The site was back up and running with no functionality lost.

What’s the moral of the story?

Although it’s fun to browse around on the web and install plugins into your WordPress site, don’t do it unless it’s 100% necessary for your site, especially if you haven’t properly vetted the plugins. A website can easily get bogged down with too much extraneous code, especially if it is poorly written.

Another fun adventure in the life of a webmaster/software engineer 🙂

By the way, Chocolatl sells premium organic and healthy chocolate products. So if you love chocolate, but are also health-conscious, check out Deanna’s site:

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